is back!

Jason William Egroff

Dear Saints,

Greetings and Love in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. I decided to create back in 2011 to follow the end time events unfolding in the world. Truth be told, I had a restrainer in my life that kept me from doing so. However, that restrainer has been removed from my life. Now, I intend on putting my FULL effort into this commitment. To point to Bible prophecy as being fulfilled daily in our world. The forming of world government, events in Israel and the alignment of nations against her, World War knocking at our door-- ALL of these things were prophesied THOUSANDS of years ago. As the Body of Christ on earth, we must point the world toward the ultimate answer to the chaos we find in our world.

BEHOLD! THE SAVIOR IS RISEN! And He shall SOON return to claim the creation He bought and redeemed! Amen.

In my small sphere of influence, I hope to be a voice for our Lord in this evil and corrupt world. As this project takes shape, I pray for your help in these matters. There are MANY in the world with our same passions and beliefs. In this-- the latter years-- we MUST make a final push to evangelism to bring the "fullness of the Gentiles" into His Body. People like Irvin Baxter of ENDTIME.COM shall be the Lord's conduit to achieve this.

Brothers and sisters, we are nearing the end of the age. Hold fast and pray. Remember to look up! For your redemption drawth nigh.

God bless,


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